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Corrimal Beach Park

Urbanfit at Corrimal Beach Park offers a comprehensive workout experience with equipment like dip bars, adjustable height bars, roman rings,… [...]

Kings Central

Nestled in the heart of Kings Central, a new development by Lendlease, our latest UrbanFiT project stands as a beacon… [...]

Stanwell Park Beach

Urbanfit at Stanwell Park Beach Reserve provides approachable and functional fitness spaces, catering for the fitness and wellbeing of all… [...]

Gunyama Fitness Park

Situated in the suburb of Zetland Sydney, this custom-made Urbanfit unit is the perfect ensemble for the locals completing their… [...]

Breakwater Park

Situated on the shores of the Shellcove Marina is the one stop destination for a daily workout, with the added… [...]

Burwood Park

The launch of UrbanFiT by Moduplay has been welcomed with support from councils and other institutions across Australia. The new… [...]

Rofe Park

This suburban park in leafy Hornsby Heights provides fitness workout challenges for many ability levels. The layout has been carefully… [...]

MO Moran Reserve

The accessible community fitness area at MO Moran Reserve in St Kilda, was designed to cater for all skill levels,… [...]

Turruwul Park

The standout green of the UrbanFiT fitness area at Turruwul Park paints this community fitness area as one to visit. [...]

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Maximising Community Health with Outdoor Fitness Equipment

In today’s fast-paced world, fostering community health has become more critical than ever. Public spaces and parks have the potential… [...]

Accessible Fitness Parks 101: Outdoor fitness for councils

When designing an outdoor community fitness space, it is important to take into consideration all aspects of the area, including… [...]

How to avoid living a sedentary lifestyle

What does it mean to live a sedentary lifestyle? And how can one avoid it even in this era of… [...]

Sitting At A Desk All Day

There are so many health risks associated with sitting at a desk for long periods of time. Learn what they… [...]

Healthier Communities

Movement is the key to healthy and happy lives, where we can live, work and play to our full potential. [...]

The Ultimate in Outdoor Fitness

With three ranges covering an array of exercise types, including Activo, Trekko and Nitro; your outdoor space can become a… [...]

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Hand Pedal

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UrbanFiT EURO Hip Swing

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