Nowadays, it’s never been easier to live a sedentary lifestyle. With everything being one touch away from being delivered straight to your door, can you really blame us?

Times have never been more convenient!

Even post covid-19 lockdowns a large number of people are still living sedentary lifestyles. Some go as  far as attributing this change to both the global pandemic and the now infamous “Great resignation” as people now choose to work from home.

You might be asking yourself, what does it mean to live a sedentary lifestyle? And how can one avoid it even in this era of home office and online meetings?

What is a sedentary lifestyle?

Well the state of being sedentary refers to being inactive and a sedentary lifestyle essentially means living and inactive life. The quality of being sedentary is characterized by sitting down or laying down a lot with little to no physical exercise.

Obviously this is bad for your health as many diseases have been linked to being an inactive person. Diabetes, obesity, heart diseases and high blood pressure are amongst the most notable. The problem now is that more and more people are adopting sedentary lifestyles. Research data shows that a third of the global population aged 15 and older are engaging in less and less physical activity.

How can you avoid living a sedentary lifestyle?


Move more! Exercise can be a great way to keep healthy. It really doesn’t matter all that much what kind of physical activity you engage in so long as you are moving and eating healthier you may just prolong the number of years you have on this rock of ours.

It doesn’t even have to be strenuous activity; simple things such as doing housework, cleaning and gardening can be effective for anyone trying to better themselves through being more physically active. We would suggest simple and practical ideas when it comes to exercise, for example walking your dog, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or getting yourself some exercise equipment or a gym membership.

Utilising outdoor exercise equipment

Some suggestions may not be inexpensive, for example a gym membership for buying equipment. A great alternative to this would be to change your routine up and add outdoor gyms and playgrounds. These facilities are excellent for building strength, flexibility and conditioning your body.

It’s a novel idea but it is effective nonetheless as you could stand to gain a lot from the use of outdoor exercise equipment. Also, just as a side note it’s a great way to have fun with your workout routine. If you’re interested in outdoor fitness check The ultimate outdoor fitness.

In conclusion it is vital that we try our best to live lives that are not sedentary. Simply implementing some of the ideas above will help you avoid becoming a victim to the sedentary lifestyle. For more information on your outdoor exercise equipment needs, please contact us at Urban Fitness.