With three ranges covering an array of exercise types, including Activo, Trekko and Nitro; your outdoor space can become a workout area with the installation of a well-designed Urbanfit Outdoor Gym. Targeted exercises cater for all muscle groups and exercise types to give users a professional fitness gym experience.

UrbanFiT users can enjoy a structured regime of exercises by simply following the detailed signage, or they can use the equipment in a sequence that suits their needs at the time. Premium quality materials and manufacturing techniques guarantee a long-term Outdoor Gym solution for all locations.


UrbanFiT Activo is literally changing the landscape of Australian outdoor fitness. The complete range of static and moving equipment is designed to blend with the surroundings and provide a visually pleasing space where the community can meet, engage and enjoy the benefits of outdoor exercise.

This range was developed with a focus on resistance and cardio workouts, using the weight and motion of the machine to assist with muscle building and toning.


UrbanFiT Trekko offers bodyweight resistance training with static equipment for all levels of fitness. A complete range of exercises caters for all muscle groups and the universal signage shows appropriate routines for different user groups.


A demanding and intense regime is possible with the UrbanFiT Nitro range. A unique suite of fitness challenges presents itself to all users, from first timers to ultra-advanced gym junkies.


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