Outdoor Exercise Equipment & Stations


Whilst some things in this world are speeding up, too many people are slowing down physically. Our sedentary lifestyles are doing us harm and we need to get outside and be more physically active.

UrbanFiT has an unequalled range of Australian made, global quality, outdoor gym activities that can be mixed and matched to provide the perfect blend for any outdoor fitness program or project.

Outdoor gyms are a great way to engage the community and encourage us all to get moving.


UrbanFiT EURO Hip Swing

UrbanFiT EURO Crosstrainer

UrbanFiT EURO Lat Pull Down

UrbanFiT EURO Chest Press

UrbanFiT EURO Chin Up Ladder

UrbanFiT EURO Spin Cycle

UrbanFiT EURO Leg Press

UrbanFiT EURO Plyometric Platforms

UrbanFiT EURO Sit Up Plank