Park Fitness Equipment & Stations

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MO Moran Reserve

The accessible community fitness area at MO Moran Reserve in St Kilda, was designed to cater for all skill levels,… [...]

Turruwul Park

The standout green of the UrbanFiT fitness area at Turruwul Park paints this community fitness area as one to visit. [...]

Kesterton Park

North Sydney Council has invested in upgrading the outdoor facilities at Kesterton Park, with a new UrbanFiT outdoor gym beside… [...]

Bondi Beach

Perfect location, perfect equipment. The Bondi Beach community fitness area was the cornerstone in making our Trekko Bondi Bars unit… [...]

Dundas Park

The outdoor workout equipment at Dundas Park provides a space for the community to improve their health and fitness. [...]

Ollie Webb Reserve

OIlie Webb Reserve is another great example of Parramatta Council continuing to invest in the outdoor fitness areas for the… [...]

Jubilee Park

Jubilee Park in Parramatta has become a great destination for the community, with an UrbanFiT outdoor gym. [...]

Victoria Park

The UrbanFiT outdoor gym at Victoria Park used strategic soft-fall and equipment based on four main areas of health to… [...]

Hillston Fitness Park

The Healthy Hillston Project was an initiative of the Carrathool Shire Council, aiming to create a healthier community through upgraded… [...]