7 Main Considerations

When designing an outdoor community fitness space, it is important to take into consideration all aspects of the area, including how often it is used, the average age of users, and what types of exercise the users hope to get out of it.

Designing for community spaces required a different thought process to a fitness area in an institutional setting, such as a correctional facility. To ensure the best use of space and products are selected, our Project Managers consider several elements for your space.

User Groups are an integral element, as the needs of different users determines the overall project. The demographics of the area, including average age and population size can majorly affect the product mix and layout of the area, as well as determining the rage of product Intensity Level. Although all UrbanFiT products are designed to work together interchangeably, different product types better suit different audiences. For instance, if the community area is servicing a group with an average age of 65, products with a focus on body-weight resistance and cardio may be preferred, like our Cardio Walker, Hip Swing, and Crosstrainer.   

This also leads into the Variety of Target Muscle Development required by your users. Our three ranges feature different products with a focus on specific muscle groups, and can be combined for a total body workout; or to create ‘pods’ with a specific concentration, for instance legs, arms or chest.

Environment is another major consideration, as the conditions the products will be exposed to affect the choice of finishes, colours and materials. As we design all products in house, we can add elements such as a wooden slat bench or wooden detailing to a sit up bench, however locations close to the coast would require more of a powder coated finish to ensure longevity in such a harsh environment.

Two more factors which determine the scope of exercise value and capacity for circuits and total body workouts include Space and Layout. Our Project Managers will investigate your available space and create the optimum layout of products to fit, whilst ensuring maximum fitness value.

Finally, your project Budget also affects the finished outdoor gym, however it is important to note that small budgets can create an impressive outdoor community space with the right selection or UrbanFiT products.

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