Dexterity Station

Urbanfit Trekko | Balance Flexibility Strength

Dexterity is defined as “skill in performing tasks, especially with the hands.” The UrbanFiT Dexterity Builder is a system in which the user guides a block through a channel, building hand-eye coordination, flexibility and of course, dexterity. The balance beam with handrail is a great low impact exercise for elderly and less able users. The balance beam doubles as a push up bar and handrail can be used for inverted row activities. Also included in this station is the calf stretch activity to assist in various stretching exercises.

Fall Height
Product Dimensions
0.8m x 3.4m x 1.9m(H)
Total Space Required
21.4m² (3.7m x 6.4m)

Product Enquiry - UFT-3619