Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach, NSW7th June 2019

Perfect location, perfect equipment. The Bondi Beach community fitness area was the cornerstone in making our Trekko Bondi Bars unit famous.

Project Details

Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach NSW 2026
Councils & Parks
Custom Fitness Equipment

Perfect location, perfect equipment. Bondi Beach added to its appeal with an outdoor gym by UrbanFiT. The previous workout gym bars had been “loved to death” as the Lord Mayor said at the opening ceremony of the new gym. Indeed it has bred an almost religious following of fitness fanatics that call themselves “The Bondi Beach Bar Brutes”.

The new community fitness area was the cornerstone in making our Trekko Bondi Bars unit famous. The smart selection of stations were chosen and positioned to create a space where users can combine different exercises for a total-body workout.

The ocean-side location was optimum for this community area, adding to the design of a total health and wellness space.

The equipment was designed to suit strength and conditioning exercises for people of all abilities and was engineered to be wheelchair and pram accessible by incorporating the existing ocean pathway.  

The existing brick edging was also incorporated to provide a natural yet inclusive partition and as a space for breakout time, and as seating.

Waverley Council commissioned this area with the aim of increasing and promoting the health of the community, by providing a space for exercise and collaboration. UrbanFiT is proud to be a part of bringing wellness to the community of Waverley Council.

The neutral white and silver colour scheme of the equipment was specifically selected to create an accessible and approachable space where people of all abilities and fitness levels could engage with the kit.  

The fitness area was strategically positioned beside a natural grassy area, allowing for stretching and self-directed exercises.

Activities include:

  • Bondi Bars
  • Deluxe Multibench
  • Sit-up & Leg Raise Station
  • Squat Pole
  • Triple Parallel Bars

This picturesque fitness area will be a community hub for years to come, and allow the ‘Bondi Beach Bar Brutes’ to continue their “extreme fitness” regime!

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